40% Aquanox 45 Dispersion

General Description

45% Aquanox 45 is a dispersion of a phenolic primary antioxidant that is suitable for protection of organic substrates against thermal degradation. It is particularly suitable for the stabilisation of PVC and is also useful as a chain-stopper in its polymerisation.
Aquanox 45 is supplied as a low viscosity, fine particle size dispersion that is considerably more effective than using an un-dispersed antioxidant.

Product Features

Low viscosity allows for easy addition to the polymerization vessel

Very fine particle size ensures high efficiency

Highly efficient antioxidant combination

Free of APEO surfactants.

Food contact clearances

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Typical Properties

Total Solid Content


Active Solid Content


Viscosity (RV,sp4@20rpm)




Specific Gravity


Particle Size (um) D95N