50% Aquanox TMQ Dispersion

General Description

50% Aquanox TMQ is an dispersion of a highly active primary antioxidant which gives a very level of heat stability protection. It had traditionally been used in carpet latex (SBR) applications but is now being put to good use in other applications where a high level of heat stability is the primary requirement, and FDA clearance and non-staining properties are not needed.

Product Features

Very high level of heat stability protection

Cost effective

Free of APEO surfactants.

Anti-oxidant active has staining property

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Typical Properties

Total Solid Content

52.00 %

Active Solid Content

50.00 %

Viscosity (RV,sp4@20rpm)

800 cps



Specific Gravity

0.95 (g/cm3)

Particle Size (um) D95N

<3.0 um