50% Zinc Oxide Dispersion

General Description

50% Zinc Oxide is used as an activator for the curing system in the production of latex goods. Typical loading levels are in the region of 0.25-1.50 parts per hundred dry rubber depend on the article being produced.In the case of dipped latex products, consideration must be taken of addition level of the sulfur/ accelerator system employed, as the Zinc Oxide can have an effect on the modulus. Main vulcanizing agent in the production of Nitrile Gloves.

Product Features

Safe and easy to use

Cost effective

Fine particle size

Improved productivity of the user

Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide

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Typical Properties

Total Solid Content

52.00 %

Viscosity (RV, sp4, 20rpm)




Specific Gravity


Particle Size (um) D95N

<3.00 um