60% Aquaccel 10 Emulsion

General Description

60% Aquaccel 10 Emulsion is an aqueous, surfactant stabilised emulsion of Diisopropyl xanthogen polysulfide (DIXP). DIXP is recommended for use as a curing agent in the vulcanisation of NR, Synthetic Polyisoprene and Nitrile latices. N-Nitrosamines are not produced during the curing reaction and undesirable accelerator residues are completely avoided.

Product Features

Low viscosity allows for easy mixing into latex.

Very stable dispersion, maintains efficacy and stability for a long period.

Free of APEO surfactants.

Strong synergy with other accelerators (for example ZDNC)

FDA CFR 177.2600 approval

Useful in the production of Nitrosamine-free baby teats, soothers, gloves and condoms.

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Typical Properties

Total Solid Content


Viscosity (RV,sp4@20rpm)




Specific Gravity

1.20 (g/cm3)

Particle Size

1.00 micron