50% ZDBC Dispersion

General Description

50% ZDBC Dispersion is characterised as a fast curing accelerator for use in both Natural and Synthetic latex compounding, with  loading levels for sole use being typically 1.0-1.5 parts per hundred dry rubber. Recommend for use in translucent latex articles and compounds requiring lower modulus than that achieved with ZDEC. More commonly used in conjuction with ZDEC to form synergtically boosted and more efficient accelerator systems, with the loading level for ZDBC being usually lower (0.30-0.60phr) than that of the ZDEC (0.4-1.0phr). Active ingredient: Zinc Dibutyldithiocarbamate is approved under FDA CFR 21, 177.2600 and BGA Empf. XXI, Cat 1

Product Features

Safe and easy to use

Cost effective

Fine particle size

Improved productivity of the user

Active Ingredient: Zinc Dibutyldithiocarbamate

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Typical Properties

Total Solid Content






Specific Gravity


Particle Size (um) D95N